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Before machines,Safety instructions:
As with all construction equipment, there are many safety practices that should be followed while using compaction equipment,and the instructions are not designed to cover all aspects of job site safety. we wish to mention some of the more obvious. And Safety First!

1-Gasoline engines equipments are not allowed to be used in confined closed indoor areas.
If indoor services required at unavoid,please make sure the windows or indoor area kits full ventilation.
And limited working time, No smoking or fires.

2-Equipment operators should familiarize themselves with all of their company's safety regulations, as well as any OSHA, state agency or local agency regulations pertaining to job safety.

3-Basic personal protection, consisting of durable work gloves, eye protection, ear protection, approved hard hat and work clothes, should be standard issue on any job available for immediate use. In the case of walk-behind compaction equipment, additional toe protection devices should be available, depending on applicable regulations

4-All personnel operating powered compaction equipment should read all operating and safety instructions for each piece of equipment.  Additionally, training should be provided so that the operator is aware of all aspects of operation

5-No minors should be allowed to operate construction equipment.  No operator should run construction equipment when under the influence of medication, illegal drugs or alcohol.  Serious injury or death could occur as a result of improper use or neglect of safety practices and attitudes.  This applies to both the new worker as well as the seasoned professional.

J F Items:
Soil and Asphalt Compaction:
Tamping Rammers
2-stroke tamping rammer---(2-stroke copy WM80)
4-stroke tamping rammer---(petrol&diesel Honda,Subaru,Kipor)
Eletrical tamping rammer---(Eletrical motor in economical choice)

Soil,Asphalt&Bricks Plate compactor(vibratory)
Forward only plate compactor(50kgs,60kgs,75kgs,90kgs,100kgs) 
Round plate base compactor(60kgs,80kgs)

Reversible plate compactor(120kgs,166kgs,300kgs,350kgs)

Road rollers(Vibratory)Walk Behind Single-drum road roller   185kgs,220kgs,550kgs
Walk Behind Double-drum road roller 
Ride-on Double-drum road roller 600kgs,1100kgs

Equipment Applications

  Granular Soils Sand and Clay Cohesive Clay Asphalt
Rammers Not Recommended Testing Recommended Best Application Not Recommended
Vibratory Plates Best Application Testing Recommended Not Recommended Best Application
Reversible Plates Testing Recommended Best Application Best Application Not Recommended
Vibratory Rollers Not Recommended Best Application Testing Recommended Best Application

Concrete technology
Vibratory Finishing Screed
Concrete vibrators
Float&Finishing Power trowels
Concrete mixers,Motar Mixer,Concrete Mixer pumps.Power barrow

Truss screed  .Scarifier  .Grinder  .Dust high-pressure washer

Demolitions&Cutting technology
Floor saws(Max.330mm cutting depth) Diamond blade(350mm,400mm,500mm,700mm)
Hand cut off saw  .Petrol Breakers  .Hydraulic power packs with hydraulic breaker tools.
Tile&Stone Table Saws .Core Drill Machine .Hammers .Jack Hammers .Brick Cutters

Engineering Small Tools
Steel bending,cutting,tier rebar,Square manual trowels
Wheel barrow  0.1ton and 85L capacity
Light Towers for night construction using.

Garden Machines&Air Tools
Trenching machine(new type)   .Turf Sweeper    .Water Pump  .Log Spliter
Air Compressors .Air Heater .Dust Blower .Fire Pump
Drainage tools for different pipes and length

Stone Caring Machines&Railway Machines
Polisher,Scrubbers,Rail Cutters,Rail Drillers,Rail Ramming tools

Compact Machines
Mini Excavators(0.8tons,1.5tons,1.6tons,2.8tons,5tons)
Wheel Loader(XCMG)
Track&Wheel Skid Steer Loaders
Backhoe Loader(XCMG)
Asphalt Concrete Paver
Parts for All XCMG machines.





Parts for equipments.
1)Engines spare parts for
    Honda GX160,GX100,GX270,GX390,GX35,GX620.GX670,GX120 in original
    Also spare parts for Robin,B&S,Yamaha,Yanmar,Kohler,Kubota,Kipor motors.

2)Machine consumable parts for
    Blades for scarifying machine on Virtgen 1900&2000,steel cutting machine,concrete mixer like Dynapac's,
    Scarifying TCT cutters for EDCO.
    Float blades,Finishing blades,combination blades,Float Pans for Wacker,MQ,Whiteman
    Diamond blade disc
    Core Drill diamond bit and cutter.
    Breaking tools
    Wheel loader,excavators,Skid steer loader attachments.

3)Machine parts for replacement in some brands.
    Rammers for Wacker BS60-4,Mikasas MT72FWA.
    Compactors for Wacker VP1340.WP1550.BPU3050,Mikasas MVC-88GH,MVB-85,MVH150D.
    Petrol Breaker for Wacker BH23,Hammer for Hitachi,
    Concrete Cutters for Wacker BFS1345,BFS1350,
    Engine for WM80 and ect.

For more infos,please contact us.

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